One Of Mexico’s Safest Cities Will Become Easier Than Ever To Visit This Winter

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October 9. Winter is the most anticipated season for Mexico-bound travelers.

It’s when humidity is under acceptable levels, sargassum isn’t lambasting the pristine Caribbean coast, and several low-cost flights are landing daily in Cancun.

One of the huge complaints, however, is how incredibly hard it is to get around the region.

Be it the lack of public transportation, or public transportation that is lacking, unless you rent a car, or you know someone who drives one, you’re left at the mercy of cripplingly expensive private transfers, or costly guided tours to get you to all of those amazing hidden spots.

Fortunately for you, this troubling era of intra-Yucatan travel is nearing its end, as from December, it will become a lot easier to take trips from Cancun due to the new Maya Train – including to this gorgeous city, that is not only hugely underrated, but also one of Mexico’s safest.

San Francisco de Campeche, most commonly known as simply Campeche, is one of the oldest, and most historically-charged cities in Mexico.

Back in 1999, it earned UNESCO World Heritage status due to the near-perfect state of preservation of its fortifications and city walls, added by the Spaniards, as well as the traditional architecture.

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