Avianca Extended Protection Plan to those Affected by Ultra Air and Viva Air


April 29. The airline Avianca announced that the protection plan for thousands of users affected by the suspension of operations of Viva Air and Ultra Air has been extended until May 5th.

Those interested will be able to relocate their flights by presenting their tickets at the physical points set up in different cities.

Additionally, the company explained that this benefit is subject to the protection tariff for domestic and international routes, or the space available on the flights.

Avianca assured that there are two options to make this measure effective. One of them is relocation at no additional cost, which depends on the space available on a given flight, in addition to the first-come, first-served allocation of passengers at the airport.

For the second alternative there is an additional cost, as Avianca will charge protection fees per route in domestic and international destinations until May 5.

Source: rcnradio

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