Tourist faces prison in Türkiye after attempting to take stones back to Belgium


October 2. Kimberly Mergits, a Belgian from Antwerp, has been detained in Türkiye and is facing a prison sentence after attempting to bring home 3 stones she had found on the street.

She and her partner, Warre, were on holiday in Antalya and found some nice stones on the street and on the beach that they wanted to bring back to Belgium to decorate their aquarium. Reaching the security check at the airport however, they were asked if they had any salt or minerals in their luggage. They said no but admitted to having taken a few stones. The couple were first questioned at the airport’s police outpost, then taken to a station back in the city.

“The next day, my girlfriend had to go and explain it in court. I don’t know why Kim had to do that and not me but she is not allowed to leave the country”, Warre said in a video interview with VRT News. “She has been charged with smuggling three archaeological stones.”

“One of the stones was the size of my hand, sand-coloured with two little flowers carved into it. We found that one in an alley full of rubbish. The two other stones, like pieces of marble with a sparkle in them, we found on the beach. It’s full of them”, the couple told VRT. “We never thought that the stones belonged to a museum, as they now claim. In fact, we have never visited a museum. We flew to Antalya, but we have not actually visited the city. It’s not like we have taken a piece of the temple, these are just small stones.”

Despite the couple’s lack of malicious intent, Türkiye’s law prohibits the export of any items of potential archaeological value, even if they appear to be insignificant.

Although Warre was released and faces no charges, Mergits is not allowed to leave the country, as the holiday reservation was made in her name, and has to go to the police station every Monday to prove she is still in the country awaiting trial. In a video shared by sky news, the woman is shown crying and saying she would pay any fine, but she arguing she should not be imprisoned as she was unaware that taking the stones was illegal.

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