On-Vacation-Doctor Features English-Speaking Doctors in 230 Countries


Aug 22. So your client is sick—and sick on the road, which is often the worst place to be. That’s why is might be good to let him or her know about On Vacation Doctors.  The group has just added an additional 50,000+ English-speaking doctors and medical facilities around the world to its Premium Service.

On Vacation Doctor has now added English-speaking doctors and facilities in over 230 countries, territories and protectorates located in over 5,000 different cities, including over 1,400 English-speaking doctors and facilities in Mexico alone, over 1,000 in France, over 900 in Brazil and over 700 in China.

On Vacation Doctor is the leading app providing international travelers with peace of mind when traveling. Its commitment to international travelers is to make traveling safer by providing access to a directory of English-speaking doctors, facilities, and local emergency numbers for every country as well as 24-hour U.S. Embassy emergency numbers.

Source: Insider Travel

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