Priceline Teams With Google on AI-Powered Chatbot

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June 7. Priceline announced it would work with Google to debut a sophisticated chatbot designed to assist users when planning trips.

According to, Priceline’s chief technology officer Martin Brodbeck said the company is looking to add the AI-powered chatbot as early as this summer, with the system acting as a “personal concierge” for travelers looking to book their vacation.

Google will provide Priceline with new generative AI tools, including the technology behind ChatGPT and the ability to extract accurate information, such as hotel prices. The AI tools will also help software developers at Priceline with coding suggestions.

“You can easily find out that in Bryant Park there’s a Christmas market that runs from early November all the way through the beginning of January when you’re actually booking your hotel,” Brodbeck told Reuters.

The new AI capabilities from Google will speed up marketing for trending destinations and improve employee intranets. Priceline is making the jump as its competitors, including Expedia Group, are adding ChatGPT to improve smartphone apps.

Source: Travel Pulse

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