Thousands more Flights Delayed or Canceled as Airlines try to Recover from Weekend Meltdown

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June 27. Airlines canceled or delayed thousands more flights Tuesday as they continue to dig out from a weekend meltdown and as Mother Nature continues to be uncooperative.

Widespread flight disruptions led to more than 17,000 delays nationwide Saturday and Sunday, according to data collected from FlightAware. While far fewer, the number of cancellations wasn’t great either: Nearly 2,000 flights were scrapped over the weekend. Another 2,000 flights were canceled Monday, along with delays of more than 8,800 flights.

So far on Tuesday, there have been nearly 1,000 cancellations and another 2,000 flights delayed. The worst-impacted airports today are Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration warns that low clouds and thunderstorms could further affect airports across the country later Tuesday.

Delta Air Lines has issued a weather waiver for the New York region through June 28. Other airlines may similarly be willing to help you rebook if you are worried about your upcoming flights.

The good news is that things have improved since the weekend after a mix of severe weather and an acute equipment outage in the Washington, D.C., area briefly shut down several major airports. It’s since been fixed. At one point on Sunday, most major airports in the Northeast were operating with a ground stop, halting departing traffic bound for these specific airports.

Source: The Points Guy

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