How Costa Rica is Leading the Way in Sustainable Tourism

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August 6. Travel is more than a consumer product; it is a resource and a necessary experience. It is a resource and an occasion for people that allows them to open up to others, meet, understand the world, and know themselves.

That is why we will never stop traveling, but we will change how we do it. And it is necessary to take care of the planet. Something that Costa Rica has done well.

Costa Rica is one of the most ecological countries on the planet, and for years it has had a concept of travel integrated with nature that has become an emblem of ecotourism. The recovery of the tourism sector involves implementing sustainable models following the Costa Rican example.

Sustainability is not only a practice in Costa Rica but a way of life. Responsible tourism is found in every region of the country, permeates government policies even in different administrations, and is embraced by citizens and visitors, making the country one of the most sustainable destinations in the Americas.

Source: Travel Pulse

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