Royal Caribbean will have a new terminal in Miami

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Nov 25. Miami-Dade Commissioners have authorized the construction of the new Cruise Terminal G at the Port of Miami, with County funds, which will be leased for 36 years with three seven-year extensions to Royal Caribbean Group.

This contract will include ships from Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises. The county will invest up to $325 million in capital improvements for both Terminal G and portions of Pier 10, the terminal shared with MSC Cruises due for completion in October 2028. The deal calls for Royal Caribbean Group to repay the county 47% of project costs with interest and issuance costs.

Miami-Dade County expects the new terminal to generate $2.8 billion in economic development for the county over the next 50 years and create 12,000 cruise-related jobs.

Likewise, Royal Caribbean agreed that it will more than double its annual passenger movements, that is, a minimum of 600,000 annual passenger movements during the construction of Terminal G and provide 1.5 million annual passenger movements once it is completed in 2027.

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