Argentina Is Exploding In Popularity Right Now – Here’s What Americans Love About It

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March 13. Having re-emerged from the health crisis as a free, more welcoming country, Argentina is exploding in popularity right now, drawing in a record number of visitors and comfortably leading recovery trends in South America.

Believe it or not, South America is one of the strictest continents in the world for travel right now, at least when it comes to entry restrictions. Only a handful of countries have lifted their border measures, while an overwhelming majority continues to adhere to an early-pandemic state of alert.

According to a new report published by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association, abbreviated to ALTA, Argentina has officially exceeded its pre-pandemic levels of passengers in January 2023, suggesting this year could be on track to become the country’s biggest since records began.

Effectively, it has reached 101% of growth in the first month compared to January 2019, placing Argentina at the forefront of the tourism scene in the wider Latin World: no other destination in the geopolitical group has kickstarted 2023 as successfully.

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